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About Sweet Lemon

Order a takeaway from Sweet Lemon, sit down, relax and enjoy your night in without the hassle. Sweet Lemon serves a variety of savory recipes, from traditional Halal, Indian to some newer creations. Sweet Lemon service is fast and the staff are very friendly. You can order online here on our site for delivery in 45 minutes.

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6 Manor Road
Stoke Newington, N165SG

Popular Dishes


barbecued chicken or lamb tossed with tomatoes, almond, yoghurt, cashew nuts and cream - mild


marinated in spices then cooked with cream, almond and pistachio nuts - very mild


diced pieces of chicken in a special mild sauce with peeled tomatoes, almond, coconut powder, fresh cream and butter - mild


fairly hot


with tomatoes - medium


very mild

Customer Reviews of Sweet Lemon

4,271 reviews


  • The food was delicious but it took almost an hour and a half to get a delivery...


  • Description on the site of a paneer (main) needed at least another line to explain what is was. Food still very nice just weren't expecting a dry dish, no sauce


  • Few years ago mattar paneer from Sweet Lemon was amazing. This was full of large pieces of onion, tiniest pieces of paneer and lacking taste.


  • Best indian in north London


  • prawns tasted very funky and not nice. rest of it was ok!


  • Lamb chops dry. Masala poppadoms burnt. Normally good. Hopefully one off


  • Good food but delivery takes forever (usually 90+ minutes)


  • average quality. nowhere near as good as Bombay Mix.


  • Awful


  • Food is great but I waited about three hours for it to turn up and when it did it was cold-luke warm. By the time it had turned up, because I was unable to contact anyone at the restaurant, I had got a full refund from hungry house and gone to bed.


  • Great size portions Lovely flavour


  • This place does great food but took almost 2 hours for delivery (I live 5min walk away!!). You should not be accepting orders that you cannot fill in a reasonable time frame! Called twice and was told both times the driver was 5mins away. Food arrived luke warm. Not happy, will go elsewhere next time.


  • I got scorned for ignoring some of the more recent bad reviews. Sweet Lemon delayed delivery time by 20 mins as soon as I payed and then the food arrived another 20mins later than they suggested. When the delivery got here the food was awful so I threw it out and made pasta.


  • [RESUBMITTED]Sorry to say this was very poor food. Living in East London perhaps creates high standards in terms of curry but this was bland and all tasted the same and nothing like described on the menu. Felt like it was rushed and has put me off curry for some time. Need to up your game


  • Best Indian in the area